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A pretty mistake

15 Jan

A pretty mistake

Introducing my newest design, our Santa Cruz banderitas! Personalized and custom color small papel picado flags. Originally designed for a rush order, but it turned out that the couple was having a non-denominational wedding! (Not that I go around adding crosses to everything. It was a detail provided in their design inspiration images. Either way: oops!) Needless to say, I neutralized their flags with a quickness by cutting a flower over the cross. But the original design is too pretty to let it sit. So, I’m happy to offer them in the shop!

Sold by the dozen.


Annnd, I’m back!

19 Sep

Hello everybody! I’ve been so busy over the last 6 months. Many changes to the shop. I’ll be writing more about that in detail over the next week. In the meantime, here are some highlights:

  • The demand for hand-cut work finally surpassed my physical abilities. After much travel and research into our options, we invested in a laser cutter to help expand production. This change is HUGE.
  • We are now a team of three. For more info about ¡Ay Mujer! and to see photos of our studio, you can visit our beautiful About page over on Etsy.
  • At last, I can accommodate larger orders in a reasonable turnaround time. Hello event planners and brides with big ideas! Call me, girl!

Other highlights:

  • I joined Twitter… I know. How late am I to the party? Anyway, if you feel so inclined, follow me. I’ll post works-in-progess photos, new designs and the occasional Sample Sale. @aymujershop
  • My Los Novios banners are in the new October issue of Brides magazine!
  • I’m pretty excited because now I have time to work on new designs. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to grab a pencil and get to drawin’.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is sell framed original paper cuts. I’ll leave you now with a look at the first of these, available in the shop:

“May You Have Good Health and Happiness All of Your Life!”
Framed original papercut papel picado flag.

La Chingona

14 Dec

Today, I will greet the sun as my relative
and give the morning my full attention.

I will say “I love you” into the mirror
and draw my eyeliner extra straight.

I will not call myself fat
because everything in my closet will look good on me.

I will rock my huge Latina hips
like the blessing they are.

Watch out!
I might even wear heels.

Today, I will not hand out one unnecessary apology.
Today, I will be Chingona!

-Yreina Flores Ortiz

I’ve been experimenting with making small, framed papercut illustrations. It’s fun exploring other possibilities with thicker paper, (sturdier than tissue paper). Also, it is  a totally different thing to draw for a framed design than one that needs to hang and blow about in a breeze. Papel picado needs more connecting pieces in the design. Smaller details don’t show up when the flags are up high, but in a frame, the viewer is able to get up close.

I have also placed a restriction on myself to use only the art supplies I already have. I had a teacher once who used to encourage us to stick with one medium/concept and ‘discover the universe in its limitations’. That one piece of advice has spawned many a late-night resourceful triumph. Besides, Lord knows, I have plenty of materials to experiment with already. So, here I go into papercut illustrations. Which is where I started before I learned how to make papel picado anyway!

This piece is available for purchase here here.

Papel Picado Tutorial with a free template

26 Oct

Etsy published a tutorial I wrote in their blog’s ‘How-Tuesday’ column! It is meant to be an introduction to making papel picado using the most-widely available modern tools as we don’t all have access to a blacksmith to make us custom chisels. It coincides with the Dia de los Muertos holiday.

I also included a free [for personal and educational use] template to start you off!

Teachers and grown-ups who like to play (with or without) kids: The template also makes a fun coloring sheet for children. Cut out the colored-in flags and glue them together on a string or yarn to make a printed papel picado style banner. Enjoy!

Pink Ribbon for the National Museum of Mexican Art

3 Oct

Every day is an adventure. And when you love what you do, your work becomes part of the adventure.

Back in August, I was contacted by a programmer from the National Museum of Mexican Art.  She asked if I’d be interested in making some HOPE banners for an ofrenda they were working on for their Dia de Los Muertos exhibition. She was working with a community group of women in Mexico that wanted to make an altar for Breast Cancer victims, specifically the mother of one of their members.

Originally, I made these little HOPE banners for my Grandma Bessie. She is a breast cancer survivor of 5+ years. She is one tough cookie!

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