La Chingona

14 Dec

Today, I will greet the sun as my relative
and give the morning my full attention.

I will say “I love you” into the mirror
and draw my eyeliner extra straight.

I will not call myself fat
because everything in my closet will look good on me.

I will rock my huge Latina hips
like the blessing they are.

Watch out!
I might even wear heels.

Today, I will not hand out one unnecessary apology.
Today, I will be Chingona!

-Yreina Flores Ortiz

I’ve been experimenting with making small, framed papercut illustrations. It’s fun exploring other possibilities with thicker paper, (sturdier than tissue paper). Also, it is  a totally different thing to draw for a framed design than one that needs to hang and blow about in a breeze. Papel picado needs more connecting pieces in the design. Smaller details don’t show up when the flags are up high, but in a frame, the viewer is able to get up close.

I have also placed a restriction on myself to use only the art supplies I already have. I had a teacher once who used to encourage us to stick with one medium/concept and ‘discover the universe in its limitations’. That one piece of advice has spawned many a late-night resourceful triumph. Besides, Lord knows, I have plenty of materials to experiment with already. So, here I go into papercut illustrations. Which is where I started before I learned how to make papel picado anyway!

This piece is available for purchase here here.


2 Responses to “La Chingona”

  1. Stephanie Chavez November 1, 2012 at 1:18 am #

    I found you on Babbly through one of Ana Flores’ posts. I absolutely love your poem!

  2. Ay Mujer shop November 1, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    Thank you, Stephanie! I took a look at your blog. I’m going to have to give that chile verde pozole recipe a try! Looks perfect for the cooler nights coming up.

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